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What is the Jina Revolution?
Jina Revolution started with protests that were sparked after the death of Mahsa Jina Amini. Jina was a 22-year-old Kurdish woman who was arrested by Iran’s ‘morality police’ for supposedly violating hijab rules. She died in their custody. Outraged by the news, the Iranian public, mostly in Kurdistan, took to the streets to protest beginning on September 16th, 2022. Soon protests spread nationwide, moving from the abolition of the morality police Protests are ongoing, making them the most large-scale movement since the 1979 revolution. Thus far, hundreds have been confirmed dead but the real death toll is likely higher. Many are imprisoned and undergoing torture, many others have suffered grave injuries. Despite regime backlash, people are still braving the streets or are manifesting their opposition in other ways.
What are the Revolutionaries’ demands?
Despite diversities and differences, the most imminent demand at large is the abolition of the current Islamic regime and calls for a secular, democratic government. People are demanding for basic rights and the end to the corruption that has stricken the country with poverty and unemployment. Most are calling for an end to a murderous, patriarchal regime, as denoted by the symbol of the revolution, ‘Woman, Life, Freedom’.
What is Jina Press?
Jina Press was created by a group of researchers and journalists to amplify the voices of the Iranian people. It is dedicated to Ghazaleh Chalabi and Shirin Alizadeh who died while recording videos of the protests in 2022. It is an appreciation of the thousands of brave Iranians who risk their lives recording the heinous crimes committed against the innocent. In the absence of freedom of press, videos and photos taken by ordinary people have become the most important tool through which the revolutionaries communicate with the world.Jina Press is a platform to collate and display as many recordings from both state violence and protests so that they can be viewed by anyone, anywhere. Jina Press collects videos, photos and audios from social media, geolocates and chronolocates them to a possible extent and publishes them with an English description, to make the revolution understandable for international audiences. Jina Press also monitors trends, how people express their protests, and wraps them up in the collection section.
How can you contribute?
Although our team is working diligently on finding and recording all media evidence, we are in need of volunteers who can support us. Please contact us if you would like to help. There are thousands of videos that have not been verified yet. If you have evidence you would like to share with us, or would like to correct anything on the website, please contact us. We appreciate all feedback.
How do I use Jina Press?
Jina Press is primarily used to collect and display media to do with the protests. The Media page has a wide array of videos, photos and audios that show different instances of protests and state violence across Iran. Our Collections page has been carefully curated to display media about an issue or trend we would like to highlight. In Stories, you will find short articles about what is happening in Iran, contextualised and made easily available. The Coverage page is a collection of every instance the revolution has been in the news (so far, only in English). You can also find us on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter.
Page descriptions
Coverage: Scroll through to find Iran in global media. Sort by date or outlet. Collections: Find our curated collections of videos and photos from different cities, different revolutionary trends, and other related media. Media: Here you can find selected verified videos and photos, directly from Iran. Almost everything on this page was first recorder by ordinary people. You can find the exact dates and locations of these events and an English description of what is happening. Filter through tags to find exactly what you’re looking for. Stories: You can read the stories of people fighting this revolution, whether in Iran or abroad. Read through the real voices of the protests.